The Porsgrund Porcelain Museum: Tradition combined with digital technology and dialogue

In the southern part of Norway, where the rivers and fjords wind through each other, a porcelain factory is located. This factory in the Norwegian area Telemark had a vision to get more people to know about their beautiful craft from Porsgrund.

With a new exhibition space at the location we made this vision come true. The project in Porsgrund is an all way around and embracing project where we build and designed everything from the very outset.

Interaction and curiosity
As a visitor you are invited to get a historical understanding of the craft of porcelain but also to interact and have a close dialogue with other visitors. With the porcelain as the focal point in the new exhibition environment we expand your experiences and present interesting investigations into the world of patterns, history, tales and narratives.

We saw great potential in this kind of material and wanted to build up a modern, present but yet inspiring museum. With the combination of digital and physical installations the exhibition creates different spaces for interactions between the porcelain and visitors.


Tools to create dialogue
We are proud to present a unique space for dialogue. Here visitors are invited to both create and tell stories but also be told stories to get a historical output from the interaction with the installations. Especially the way light and fixture are used to create different spaces in the actual exhibition. As a visitor you can for example design your own cup, have a talk around a set table, or investigate timelines and trends.



A Norwegian pattern
Part of the visual identity to the museum is created in a graphical pattern. As a turnaround and expansion of the characteristic and traditional pattern around plates etc. the graphic illustrations mark the tradition-bound strokes from the porcelain factory in Porsgrund.

The new visual identity at Porsegrund Porcelain Museum brings design and tradition up for discussion.
As with the actual vision of the museum a pre-opening discussion already brought people in dialogue: A new and modern twist of the actual Norwegian design or Danish design in a Norwegian museum?
We have created a strong and consistent visual identity for the museum. The pattern and design hold on to the unique character of the porcelain from Porsegrund. The curved lines and the wonderful figures illustrate the traditional strokes on the porcelain from Porsegrund.

Take part in the dialogue
Everything centres on the well-known craft. The porcelain is the centre of the exhibition. We breathe life into the Norwegian tradition-bound craft and we hope that all of you will take part in the dialogue around the table!