Meet the tourists where they are

To be on a holiday is about being together - it is about human relations and good experiences. With new digital strategies the destinations can support the value of the vacation by strengthen the relationship between the visitors and the specific location. These days tourists are searching for holiday experiences in the digital milieu surrounding us. Here most people search for local insights and overview.

To support this hunt and the tourist actions in general we have created different digital solutions to be physically integrated and incorporated in the different areas and regions. The solutions merge data from already known sources such as “GuideDanmark”, “Kultunaut”, and “Historisk Atlas”. This data is combined and new content and possibilities added.

In combination with the tourist office the digital expansion strengthen the experience of the destination before, under and after the visit. All way around the good hosting is essential: We want to hold on to the personal and detailed communication by combining physical and digital environments.

Be inspired
See how Destination Sydvestjylland’s digital strategy works and read the guide made for the tourist offices in the area. You find the guide (in Danish): Here

You can also watch a film about the implementation of the digital strategy in Destination Sydvestjylland. Use this link: Here


An essential app
To make it possible for the visitor to investigate the area before the actual visit is essential. With the app the visitor can plan, experience and also evaluate on the visit to the area. The app serves as the mediator between the tourists and the destination. With functions such as “Info”, “Search”, and “Calendar” the visitor is inspired to learn more about the local area. Supported by a map the different cafes in the area, the local park, or events of the day can be found through the app. The individual use of the app makes it unique to each visitor but it also keeps the visitor updated with new inspiration and knowledge.

The app is developed to iPhone and Android and comes in three different languages.


Info Desk
Often everything isn’t planned from home. When the tourists arrive to a destination the demand for more information occurs. At the tourist office the visitors are invited to search for information. Using the Info Desk the visitor can interact with the app. The app provides the visitor with inspiring content about ongoing events, shopping, accommodation etc. in the local area. It’s possible to interact with the fixed screen but the desk solution also encourages visitors to download the app themselves and explore the local area on their smartphone.

A free access to the Info Desk meet the visitor’s individual needs and wishes. The Info Desk also ensures that foreign tourists have access to search for information on the internet.

The Info Desk is also well suited for B&B and other smaller institutions or places.


Multi Touch Table
A good experience starts by a warm welcome in the tourist office. On the Multi Touch Table the visitor explore the area by interacting with the screen. When walking towards the table the screen automatically zooms towards the specific location. Through an intuitive navigation the visitor finds activities, stores, accommodation, eateries and much more. After the interaction the visitor saves chosen information and places to be used during the holiday. The information acts as a personal guide and can be downloaded to the visitor’s smartphone or printed on location.

As the good host the Multi Touch Table welcomes the tourists to inspiring holiday experiences together with the staff in the tourist office.


Dynamic Wall
The Dynamic Wall catches the visitor's attention in the tourist office. The screens are controlled through the CMS system. Here you choose whether the screens functions as one or as individual screens. This way the screens call to different activities and information - but central is the inspiring and informing content.

By focusing on local events and actors the Dynamic Wall draws attention to the local area. What is special for this very site? By showing ads, photos, and information the wall communicate the area’s positions of strength.

As individual screens or one big screen the Dynamic Wall creates an impressive overall impression of the specific area!
Event Screen
The Event Screen inspires visitors with up-to-date and on-going events from the locals in the area when they are at the tourist office. The event screen drags information automatically from the well-known event importer ”Kultunaut”. Only events hold within 14 days are shown on the screen. It is possible to choose from which areas the screen promotes content. This way the Event Screen invites visitors to take action in the local area.

Create an authentic atmosphere by combining the digital event screen with physical products and information from the locale.  


The Guide - Film
A strong narration and personal storytelling is an important part of the experience being at the tourist office. But the good hosting might be pinched between the demand for more information but yet fewer staffing hours at the tourist offices. The purpose of The Guide is to hold on to the detailed and personal communication through film.

By interacting with the iPad the visitor choose between different films about the location. The iPad download the film directly from the CMS system and plays it on the big screen. The combination of the visual and the auditive arouse curiosity and at the same time broadens the local stories.

Through the interaction with The Guide the visitor gets an increased understanding of the area.

How do you want to welcome the tourists to your destination?
With the human relations as the focal point we want to create these valuable experiences together with you!
We combine digital and physical elements into a warm welcoming environment.

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