Support the content of your museum

Each and every museum has its own tradition and its specific character, both very essential to maintain but also to show in order to communicate with the visitors.

To show the unique character of your museum, we have created a digital universe that allows you to explore new possibilities and opens ways to communicate with your visitors.
This enables your visitors to expand their experience before, during and after their visit to your museum.

We have created an inexpensive app that supports the content of your museum in an inspiring and detailed communication.



The digital presentation of your museum is very unique: You select which elements your museum uses in the native apps to support the stories and events of your museum.


Motivate the visitors’ curiosity about art, a specific period in history, an animal species or maybe a location in Denmark with a guided tour. Show events and special exhibitions, support the physical exhibition with numbers and QR-codes, make a route throughout the landscape or place historical events on a timeline. Engage your visitors by using text, video and audio guides. Central is the content of your museum and this way you tap into their curiosity and their interests.The possibilities in the digital presentation of the museum are endless.

Many visitors are already familiar with the design and intuitive use of this app. Join the rest of the team and create value for your visitors together with us and a range of other museums.

If you have the need for special features don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

The app is developed to iOS and Android.