Experience the craft behind brewing and try out your own skills as a brewer when producing your own beer.

We have made an app that will give you an extraordinary experience when you Visit Carlsberg. The app is a product of both fun and formative material. By experiencing the universe of Visit Carlsberg you get insight into this traditional brewery. You’ll be taken both backwards and forward in time when visiting Visit Carlsberg.


The guide - Extra dimensions with iBeacon

Using the technology of iBeacons “The Brewer’s Academy” invites you to take part in the brewing. The technology of iBeacons enables a smart phone or other device to perform actions when in close proximity to an iBeacon.

The iBeacons will guide you through the old brew house where you’ll make some interesting finds, that enable you to take part in the brewing challenge in Jacobsen Brew house & Bar.


The Challenge - A tactile game
Provided with knowledge about Carlsberg, as an historical place and as part of the brewing of today you are ready to brew your own beer.

It’s a tactile experience where you have to tap, shake, swipe and blow into your phone to become the brewer of the day.

The combination of gaming, knowledge sharing, information, and interactivity expand the experience of Visit Carlsberg. We have made it possible to get access to interesting knowledge about the traditional Carlsberg brewery. It’s a new adventure into the world of grain, water, hops, and yeast.


Every hour the best brewer is awarded with a free Carlsberg. Cheers!