Welcome to Redia Lab. We want to inspire you!

Redia Lab is the new and improved online universe of Redia and we want to inspire you.

Redia is a design and software company that creates digital solutions and concepts in which we want to delight, inspire, start conversations and move people. We do this with expressive designs, interactive technologies and information solutions that give an unexpected output.

We strongly believe in our motto “Rethinking Digital Dialogue”. To empower us all towards building a better society we constantly need to rethink how to communicate and to put the users first. Through Redia Lab we will pursue this mission and give you an insight into the pulsing environment that embrace our team.

Redia Lab will present thoughts, insights and outlooks on design, concepts, interactive experiences and codes as well as company news. On Redia Lab you can read about how to build a drone, where good ideas come from, what a good mockup looks like, how the life of a programmer is and much more.

You will meet the whole team behind Redia from programmer, digital designer and project manager to CEO. We will show the various perspectives of working in a vibrant and fast moving company.

Explore together with us. Our environment is energetic and explorative and will serve you with inspiration, knowledge and experiences that you don’t want to miss out on.

You can also follow Redia Lab on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Happy to see you here!

/Martin Ibsen
Lead Concept Developer and Communication

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