We are flying to Dubai

In a couple of days our creative director Mikkel Bech and our technology manager Jan Thøgersen demonstrates some real Redia skills in Dubai.
As the only team from Denmark Redia is going to represent innovation and inspiration 6th of February when the competition “Drones for Good” kicks off in the United Arab Emirates.


Redia is the only Danish team who made it into the semifinals. Here we are going to compete against 40 other countries. The honorable prize for winning the competition is 1.000.000 USD. An international panel of judges is rewarding the winner based on the idea and concept but also on a demonstration. The office of the vice president of the United Arab Emirates has build an arena with stands, artificial lakes and islands serving the purpose of the project: To focus on the positive possibilities using drones.

A cultural entry
To build your own drone give you exactly the tools you need for a specific task - and of course our drone is homemade. At Redia we are using the capacities of the drone when creating film used in our digital presentations – often in cultural and experience-based projects. The technology is unique because it is possible to record in every direction. This means that we can show you around in a completely new way. We don’t clean windows with the drone. We don’t rescue people at the sea with the drone. With the drone we show you things you wouldn’t think was possible. Just by standing on the ground looking into a pair of binoculars, surfing the Internet or using an application on your smartphone we challenge the way you experience. An actual example is binoculars placed at Louns Halvøen in the western part of Denmark. When interacting with the shoots from the drone it’s just like being there. The drone gives you the experience of flying over a landscape, an active volcano, a waterfall or maybe an archaeological excavation. We lift you over the ground but the navigation is up to you.

Not everyday a company from Aarhus travels to Dubai
Earlier today TV2 Østjylland visited our office to talk with Mikkel and Jan about the upcoming event – and not least to get a glimpse of the main character, the octocopter.


Not only the local news station was interested in our super drone. Next in line was P4 Radio. Here Mikkel and Jan told about their job flying not with radio-controlled planes but with drones.


Skip through and listen to the two drone pilots when reaching 01:11 in the program.

Going international
The drone concept is developed with our partners ART+COM from Berlin, Germany and will compete in the finals with projects from USA, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sudan, Australia and many other countries in what has been called "The World Cup of drones".

Of course we are hoping to be high ranked in the competition and tomorrow Mikkel and Jan are traveling to Dubai to test the weather conditions before the final test. Both wind and temperature have influence on how we can show you everything from a new angle!

At the link below you can see our presentation to “Drones for Good”:


Use the password: 14_ACResearch_Drohne

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