Are you curious about Danish nature?

Try the 3D binoculars in the new outdoor area at the Greenhouses in Aarhus.

The last year you have been able to experience a new and inspiring way of building knowledge when visiting the Greenhouses in the Botanical Garden in Aarhus.

Now the experience has expanded!
Last week the greenhouses were inaugurated with a new outdoor area, which rethink the communication about botanical matters in the world that surrounds us.

As an addition to the interactive screens with videos, games, facts, and inspiration one of the new things to experience is a high technical pair of binoculars. Using a 3D technology the binoculars take you close to nature!

The binoculars are a part of “De danske plantesamfund” and are developed to give the visitors a unique experience of three specific locations in the Danish nature.

We have combined modern technology with a classical way of getting really close to the subject! Go visit the Greenhouses in Aarhus and expand your horizons!

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