The Eye - an interactive investigation of the human vision

The Eye in Kongsberg, Norway is both an anatomic and iconic installation that is meant to involve and inspire visitors and students to learn more about this specific part of the human body!

With a focus on the eye and its magnificent anatomic functions this installation invites you to interact in terms of learning more about the human vision.

See the world through different eyes
The Eye gives you the chance to explore something that you didn't think was possible: to see the world through another man’s eyes!

By interacting with the eye you get the opportunity to investigate the world from a whole new angle. Do you know how it is to see the world when having an impaired vision or how do you know how it is to be colour blind?

When interacting with The Eye you can see the world through different lenses: A projection of yourself appear in the eye and you see yourself as a person with an impaired eyesight would see you. How is it to be red/green colour blind? What does it mean to have an impaired vision of -3 or +2?

The interactive functions in the installations are controlled by a panel, which makes the interaction fluid and intuitive. Set the strength of vision by turning the wheel from side to side. The functions are many and you choose your ways of investigating the human eyesight.

When no people are interacting with the installation the eye functions as a natural eye. It is affected by the light - the pupil contracts and dilates. In every way The Eye isn’t just a representation but a unique installation, which raises questions into the world of vision when facilitating the fact “to see” but also “to be seen”.

A unique installation
An eye like this has never been seen before. The installation is developed to this specific site in Norway - the new Krona Center in Kongsberg - which holds on to both a new library and a school for opticians. The Eye functions as a visual attraction to the site as well as a research related object, that brings students, teachers and visitors of the library in dialogue.    

With insights into the specific anatomy and functions of the eye the project has developed  and many types of types of productions have come into play such as: a emulation of the human eyesight via camera and software, a construction of the eye with materials including glass fibre, formed acrylics and projection foils and back projection in a very compact space.

To form an installation this unique has given us the opportunity to rethink the usual communication and ways of learning.
As an anatomic and iconic installation The Eye gives you insight into a whole new world!

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