Storytelling and digital installations: Pre-opening of the library in Kongsberg, Norway

At the new culture centre Krona in Kongsberg, Norway the library is filled with interesting and inspiring experiences.

Kongsberg is the first library in Norway to introduce a digital and expanded environment like this and at the pre-opening the visitors seemed excited.

As an extension of the well-known situation being at the library, digital installations provide a new and interesting way to search for information. The combination of digital and physical elements gives a dynamic but yet authentic situation at the library.

Some of the installations can be tried in the library already now but more will come at the official opening in September.

Already installed in the library are these five installations. Each of them is remarkable in the way they combine a digital and physical environment:

Storytelling with a panoramic view
Imagine if the pictures from the book you are reading aloud would show to the ones listening or you could set the mood by choose themes. This is exactly what happens when you read aloud in front of the 7.5-meter long panoramic wall. You can create a unique story by using the different thematically backgrounds and the setting the mood by using the different possibilities like dramatic, dreamy, happy or sad. You can also choose to use the pictures from the specific book instead. The reading aloud will for sure get new dimensions!

A digital floor
Let the children interact with the content on the floor using their feet. We have developed different interactive games, which all have a focus on learning as well as specific content and books from the library. It’s just about getting started!

Photo: Jan Storfossen

The book machine
Get an intuitive experience of drawing a book from a vending machine. Having a visual encounter with the book, rather than simply being confronted with a row of book spines, has a powerful effect. The machine gives you an overview of the library’s physical resources, and the vending machine metaphor gives you an intuitive sense of how to interact with the screen. The setup provides you with inspiration and information in a context that is relevant to your specific interests.

Digital posters
Being up to date and know what is going on at the library is important - the library is a gathering place for people to meet up. To get more information about the library, digital posters inform you about events, and feed you with news from the library.
The digital elements are curated to give you a personal and unique experience at the library in Kongsberg. The entire library is dynamic and filled with elements to interact with. Get started and expand your knowledge in the world of books!

Audiofaktor is a mixing program that transforms music into an interactive visual universe. It displays the individual tracks of a song as circles that can be manipulated at the touch of a screen, and provides an intuitive way to play around with the music, clip little sound bites into the program, move around, adjust volume, blow up the sound circles and create awesome remixes.

Together with BS eurobib we have created this new library that brings knowledge, passion and learning together. The physical and digital installations support each other and give the visitors a unique experience while being at the Kongsberg Library!

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