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We are a software and design company

rethinking digital dialogue

Redia Lab

Redia Lab will present thoughts, insights and outlooks on design, concepts, interactive experiences and codes as well as company news.

Meet our CFO

Meet our CFO

By Martin Ibsen

Eva Malene Hartmann, 42, is the new CFO at Redia. She has studied at Aarhus School of Business, the University of Aalborg and Århus and Stanford University (APM). We are super happy and proud that Eva has joined our team. Here you can learn more about Eva.

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Welcome to Redia Lab. We want to inspire you!

Welcome to Redia Lab. We want to inspire you!

By Martin Ibsen

Redia Lab is the new and improved online universe of Redia and we want to inspire you. Redia is a design and software company that creates digital solutions and concepts in which we want to delight, inspire, start conversations and move people. We do this with expressive designs, interactive technologies and information solutions that give an unexpected output.

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At Redia we rethink the digital dialogue in order to create complete solutions where design, content, spatial thinking and technology work together .

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At the heart of Redia lies our capacity for challenging prevailing practices and rethink established ideas in close cooperation with our clients, partners and end users.

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